TPine Leasing Stories of Success

Another TPine story

Client: Sidhu Trucking
Location: Brampton, Ontario
Fleet size: 5-10 trucks
TPine client since: 2014

Bobby Sidhu is an entrepreneur who serves Western Canada on dedicated runs for one of the country’s largest carriers. Operating out of Brampton, Ontario, Bobby’s fleet racks up 300-400 thousand kilometers per truck each year. He came to us with a very specific request:  How can I refresh my fleet every year with new equipment?

We worked with Bobby and designed a specialized plan that allows him to renew his fleet yearly. Always having new equipment adds greatly to driver retention, minimizes maintenance costs, it also reflects well on him and the carrier he represents when his fresh new trucks roll into the yard. Bobby’s strict deadlines are met for his dedicated runs and he has peace of mind knowing his fleet is operating efficiently and worry-free.

Within the Pride Group of companies we have customers looking for both new and used trucks on a regular basis. As Mr. Sidhu upgrades his late model tractors we have other clients looking for his used trucks. He is able to manage his expenses more easily and cut back on possible operational downtime.

TPine always strives to meet the unique demands of our clients by working together to achieve their business objectives and specific equipment requirements.

Another TPine story

Client: Neroda Trucking
Location: Windsor, Ontario
Fleet size: 40-50 pieces of equipment
TPine client since: 2016

Shane Neroda owns a trucking operation serving the construction industry in Windsor, Ontario. Shane originally reached out to our Pride Truck Sales division and was pre-approved over the phone for the purchase of three brand new dump trucks. We were able to arrange quick financing for four trucks with the down payment he had allotted for three. This was shortly followed by the leasing of an additional four trucks, for a total of eight trucks with a value of $2 million.

Through TPine, they were able to refinance some of their existing equipment to allow for improved cash availability. With this financial flexibility, they leased additional equipment including live bottom trailers.

At TPine we believe in a straight forward, common sense approach to leasing solutions. Because we understand the business we can make judgement calls based on that knowledge and industry experience.

Another TPine story

Client: Skylark Logistics
Location: Aberfoyle, Ontario
Fleet size: More than 100 trucks
TPine client since: 2013

Skylark Logistics began as a client of our Pride Truck Sales division and has become a client of TPine Leasing as well. Skylark operates out of Mississauga, Ontario and serves all of North America. They have leased trucks, vans, flatbeds and reefers from TPine.

We were able to pre-approve Skylark for equipment we had on hand and delivered on their requirements immediately. In many cases, equipment needs to be pre-ordered and has a waiting period of 60-90 days to take delivery. They needed equipment now.

We worked closely with them to find a plan that would suit them best. We came to a unique agreement that allowed them to react to other purchase opportunities easily with a pre-approved financing budget for other vendors.

We take a partnership approach to our leasing solutions – your success is our success too.

Another TPine story

Client: International Trucking (ITI)
Location: Cambridge, Ontario
Fleet size: 50-100 trucks
TPine client since: 2015

ITI came to us with an immediate need for equipment and chose to utilize our leasing services. At TPine, our process is quick and through our Pride Truck Sales division we always have stock on-hand, ready to go.

International Trucking serves all the states east of the Mississippi and has a specialized niche connecting Ontario, Western Canada and Nevada/California. To run California you need to meet stringent environmental requirements and we provided state of the art reefer trailers with side skirts, low emission power units and logistics equipped 53’ dry van, tandem trailers.

It’s our goal to provide quick and creative financing solutions for our clients. We can advise on “best in class” equipment selection that we know to be the best overall cost to operate. We have the ability to draw a little outside of the lines to make the best deal for our clients and are proud to serve the trucking industry’s needs throughout Canada and the USA.


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