From dump trucks to backhoes we finance every equipment requirement

T-Pine is an industry leader in providing competitive lease and finance terms for heavy equipment requirements of the construction industry. It was a natural transition from our financing specialty in the trucking industry to provide direct lending for new and used heavy equipment for construction contractors.

We can typically provide same day approval and funding on most deals and additional benefits include:

  • Providing unequivocal lease and rental deals for companies to meet their day to day needs
  • Customizable transportation solutions for heavy equipment from one place to another (one yard to another or from yard to site)
  • Access to different dealers’ inventory for trade in and trade up for any changes in equipment requirements
  • Custom order any heavy equipment from any manufacturer on a priority basis like aggregate trucks, loaders, backhoes, cement mixers, cranes etc.
  • Automatic membership to a network of companies in which the heavy equipment can be contracted to
  • Easy access to a pool of contractors’ heavy equipment that is lying idle and can be used for a fraction of the cost of new or used equipment
  • Protect your bank credit line for positive cash flow on future endeavours
  • Easy, trouble-free and streamlined procedure for acquiring latest equipment to have a cutting edge in today’s competitive market
  • Leasing provides tax savings which helps to improve your bottom-line

T-Pine Leasing is a proud member of Pride Group Enterprises